Business Intelligence

Database Systems

  • Unified Dimensional Model
  • Extract Transform Load
  • Cube & Tabular
  • Dashboards & Reports
  • Data Mining & Advanced Analytics

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

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Logical Design Review

We don't just jump in and muck about in code and configurations. We excel at the tricky business of assuring the design is feasible with your systems and resources. With our experienced staff, you'll have the job done in no time, and know that you didn't spend too much on a system that doesn't fit your team or your datacenter.

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Implementation Consultations

Did we mention that we love to see things through to implementation and support? Every model and component, from ETL to storage, is available to your team to have implemented and configured. We can match designs to existing configurations and suggest alternatives, too. Documentation, design and deliverables: We're your one-stop-shop for all things database and business intelligence.

  • Planning & Testing
  • Always On
  • Failover Clustering
  • Log Shipping
  • Automated Backup & Restore
  • Multi-tiered Solutions
Cloud first, business first

Workflow Analysis

The road to where you want to be starts with knowing where you are. Knowing how fast you'll get there requires knowing the load, knowing the road, and knowing how much power you have. We'll develop use cases based on your business needs and tailor solutions to you rather than the other way around.


We love to work with your existing vision (and data models & processes) to make every solution convey continuity of purpose and advancement of goals. We'll put your vision into action.